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Ou school uniform

Our school uniform

At St Stephen’s we strongly encourage all children to wear school uniform. This plays a key part in promoting high expectations and high standards. Encouraging our children to be smart and identifiable as members of our school community contributes positively to the school ethos.

School uniform helps to maintain a sense of identity and pride in the school.

Our uniform is as follows:

• Grey skirt/trousers
• Green school v-neck knitted jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan
• School tie, red and green
• White blouse/shirt

Uniform is available through . To ensure a speedy return of any lost or misplaced items of clothing, please mark all items of clothing and indoor footwear with your child’s name.


To help keep the school clean and ensure safety guidelines are followed, we ask that all children wear `indoor shoes’. These are generally black plimsolls which can be purchased from any shoe shop or supermarket.

Dress for P.E.

For indoor Physical Education activities, children should wear black shorts, white St Stephen’s P.E. T-shirt and plimsolls/indoor trainers. Long or loose fitting shorts/t-shirts are neither practical nor safe for many P.E. activities. Children should bring their P.E kit to school on a Monday and take it home on a Friday to be washed. In addition, outdoor P.E kits i.e. trainers, jogging trousers and fleece are necessary for children to take part in outdoor activities. Waterproof clothing is also recommended. Please Note: Football tops/shirts of any club or nation are not permitted.

Again for health and safety reasons, all items of jewellery should be removed for Physical Education. Parents wishing children to wear earrings during Physical Education should write to the school expressing their request, and children will be expected to tape any such items of jewellery during the activity, for their own safety.

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